JASON “Kettlebell Jay” HALL

Jason is a former standout college and pro football player that sustained many injuries which led him to create an intense yet low impact training program with kettlebells, called Kettle Corps. His passion for teaching fitness and becoming a personal trainer began in high school where he began to write complete workout programs for athletic purposes and continued this throughout his college years and beyond. Since his playing days, Jason has set his focus on a healthier and happier lifestyle that is joint-pain free. He was led to create Kettle Corps as a way to achieve those goals. Jason’s style of instruction can be best described as balanced.

He makes sure to work every part of the body from head-to-toe each time you train with him. Anyone fortunate enough to have a session with him can expect a laser-like focus on the details and mastery of the technique. He’s very good at bringing out the best in you! Jason now spends much of his time further developing the training curriculum and continuing to help others reach their fitness goals. When he’s not busy being a kettlebell master he enjoys learning new things and relaxing.

He has a keen interest in all things health and wellness related and is also a self-proclaimed foodie. If you don’t catch him with a kettlebell in his hands, you may find him enjoying other aspects of his fit life like good food with friends!