John is a known general at Kettle Corps, mainly because he makes sure everything’s done right! He has a unique training style, and an excellent approach to kettlebell fitness. He’s been studying health and physical fitness with his brother for the past 4 years, and in the process, created a smooth style of holistic training new to its development. He learned how to train kettlebells with his brother Jason, and together they became Kettle Corps, John has a traditional fitness background, performing as a 4-sport athlete in high school, as well as training with friends who are professional athletes. John has always been athletic and enjoyed physical fitness, and when he was presented with an opportunity to learn how to use kettlebells, he accepted the challenge. He has been working with kettlebells since 2011, when he and his brother were sculpting the art of Kettle Corps. His teaching style is more quiet and direct, and each individual in his session will understand the most important principles they’re working, all while getting a GREAT cardio workout!

John also has a passion for music and sound production. Before Kettle Corps, John developed himself as a DJ and worked with many artists and well-known producers in the music industry. His passion for sound and digital editing has thoroughly increased his technical knowledge, and vastly shaped his production skills. When he’s not working in the gym, he spends most of his time creating and editing new projects. His pride, his passion, and his personality are what make him an interesting human being and trainer.