Thinking of using fasting to drop weight? Check out this video on intermittent fasting because it will show you the science behind the practice and the merits of it. Kettlebell Jay

Has it been a while since you’ve been to the gym? If so, chances are after a round with the bell you’ll feel pretty sore. So what are some of the proven methods you can use to avoid (or at least reduce) muscle soreness? Check out the video for the answers, Kettlebell J

Is lifting heavy weight a good or a bad thing for women? Good question right? Check out this video to find out the ins and outs of weight lifting for women to see if its right for you. Jason “Kettlebell Jay” Hall

  On your journey to your ideal body, the number one obstacle to overcome is in your mind.  If you condition your mind first, conditioning your body will be a lot more manageable.  So, how do you prepare mentally for a physical challenge?  It’s simple really, create a vision, find your why, and set goals….

6 Thanksgiving tips to keep 5 to 10lbs off your hips It’s that time of the year again folks.  It’s Thanksgiving and we at Kettle Corps want to be the first to wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. As the holiday approaches and you reach for that pair of extra baggy Thanksgiving sweatpants, we wanted to…

Are you interested in losing weight? Let me guess, it’s been hard. You’ve tried diet pills, workouts, dvds, wraps, greens, green tea, smoothies, salad, detoxes and everything else under the sun, only to lose a few pounds. Then for some strange reason you gain it all back? Yep, we’ve all been through it and so…

How does one start with no fitness experience and still reach levels of fitness that they never thought possible? Ann, is one of our rockstar members who have pushed past the self-imposed boundries to build a better body for life.  Check out here story and tell us what you think.  

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