KettleCorps Story

Kettle Corps’ uniquely restorative programming is the creation of former college and pro football standout, Jason Hall. During his playing days Jason suffered numerous injuries that eventually cost him his career. By way of Jason’s extensive strength and conditioning background, he became incredibly knowledgeable, of the human body’s mechanics. However, it was not until his career progressed to the highest levels that these holistic methods of training were incorporated as a regular part of his workout programming. It was during these years that Jason procured much of his knowledge base of how these restorative modalities can not only be used for healing, but also for performance and function.

Jason has worked with a number of top fitness professionals from around the globe; as a culmination of those elite training experiences, he created Kettle Corps. It’s a fusion of kettlebell training, bodyweight calisthenics, yoga, pilates, and primal movements. Kettle Corps serves to address chronic and acute imbalances in the body’s musculoskeletal system, while maximizing functional performance. It’s these imbalances that lead to injury either through misalignment, overuse, or trauma. No matter what, it’s important to strengthen these areas that have become weakened and vulnerable to injury. Kettle Corps was designed to be your base fitness program, which means, it’s a comprehensive practice that will help YOU ACHIEVE ALL OF YOUR FITNESS GOALS!!!


Kettle Corps is a growing community of passionate individuals, who understand the benefits of subscribing to a uniquely restorative Kettlebell based full-body approach to fitness. Elements of other therapeutic modalities such as yoga, pilates, bodyweight calisthenics and primal movements are also incorporated into our sessions; however, they mostly serve to support our base program. The reason we use kettlebells as the focus of our programming is simply because they are: The best all-around fitness tools in existence! We use them in a variety of capacities to further our member’s development of what we call “The 3 Fundamental Fitness Skills”; Stability, Mobility, and Strength. It’s important to understand that ALL functions of performance come from some combinations of 1 or more of these skills being executed.

Our mission is to unite people in search of their most efficient movement possible via kettlebells. We understand that everyone’s fitness wants and needs can vary greatly. Therefore, we have created a program that has 3 levels of progression. All 3 levels are represented by a corresponding color. Green is for beginners, Gray is for intermediate level members, and Black is for advanced members. Even though our members may be young/old, in-shape/out-of-shape, some injured/some healthy, we ALL have the same basic fitness needs. So, no matter what YOUR goals may be, the staff at Kettle Corps is always anxious to help you reach them!

As most people continue to work out to prepare their body to be able to meet the rigorous demands of everyday life or their given sport, they constantly work on performance exercises that increase strength, speed, and agility. However, it’s shockingly rare how little emphasis is placed on flexibility and injury prevention, which will ultimately keep them doing what they want longer and more efficiently without setbacks. We all know how important it is to work on performance exercises, but without the necessary flexibility to repeatedly work in those explosive movement patterns, your body’s ability to perform at a high level diminishes quickly. It’s not commonly known that 95% of all non-contact injuries to joints are repetitive use injuries due to lack of stability, mobility, and/or strength. Our restorative programming will give you a much improved body that will undeniably make you an overall better person!


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